When an error occured there is no option «Retry»

When I change the tags it's often happen one file is played now. So a message box pops up with two options: «Continue» and «Stop». But there could be none option at all! Because I should restart tag formattinп from the beginning in any of these two cases (at least one file would not be tagged).

Synopsis: I very miss the 3rd choice, «Retry».

zencd, you're right!!! I ever wondered why this wasn't implemented. I use Mp3Tag since a long time now, and I always miss this.

All my audio files are located on my Synology NAS. When I apply the tags from Discogs source, some mp3 often fail to be written... So I have to redo the search on Discogs, reselect the good source, then re-apply it... I lose a lot of time doing it.
I see that the "Retry" functionality has been implemented on the rename function... but it would be greatly useful for the tag write also!!!

Well, I came across the same problem many times and it's annoying.
Since this topic here already exists, I won't open a new one but just push this 9 year old one (hope that's ok).
Greets, tablerocker


Why isn't there a "Retry" button?