When choosing a new folder to scan it would be nice when we could confirm selection via ENTER

Basically title. So I'll use the space here to praise this awesome piece of software.

This program is like really effing good. Didn't know how much I needed it in my life, but there it is. Wish there was a proper alternative for movies. Sure, there's filebot for renaming and MCM for tagging, but in terms of feature-richness and maturity it's no competition.

Anyway, yeah, I'm browsing through many folders and while ctrl-d does speed things up, I wish I could also confirm the selection via button. But alas, "select folder" ain't automatically focused.

The select folder dialogue is a standard windows dialogue ... so the behaviour should be the same in every application that calls it.

Ah, I get it now. It only doesn't work when there's a seemingly empty folder selected. Otherwise it does actually work (I always do this so subconciously^^). If there's a way to improve that, then nice. If not, eh, whatever.

The "select folder" dialogue lists only folders as objects, no files.
The "emptiness" then means: no more subfolders.