When Editing on Secondary Monitor, A Field Update Wipes Out Items in List Window


Problem: When Editing on Secondary Monitor, A Field Update Will Causes a "reading directory" process to Resolve only The Currently Selected File (i.e., the window contains one file).

I've captured the problem on video and published on youtube here: https://youtu.be/L_SLykLC-nc

Things to think about:
This problem doesn't exist on the primary monitor.
I uninstalled v2.94, then installed v2.90 to find the same problem.
I can drag the windows to the primary monitor and the problem goes away.

My Environment:
Windows 10 1809
two monitors:

  1. (3200x1800) primary Laptop display 225% scale
  2. (1280x1024) seconardy external 100% scale
    Tags; both, "Save tags when..." and "Preserve file mod..." are ENABLED.

Does anyone else have a similar problem, or have heard of this problem?



I frequently use MP3tag on a 2-display-system and it works as expected.
So I am no help to narrow down the problem.

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That is my experience as well. On my ancient workstation it is fine.
I have an older (unsupported) Dell Inspiron 6400 also with a discrete video card running Window 10 1809, and:
1. (1280x800) Primary laptop display 100% scale.
2. (1280x1024) Secondary external 100% scalle.

and have no problems.

Just some quick questions: What is your scaling factor? are you using a 4K?



It's W8, 2* 1280 x 1024, 100%

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When I was bought an ultrawide monitor 2.5 year ago I was using it for a while along with my old one- and was tampering with Mp3tag

Unfortunately I do not remember if it was the first model that had 2560 x 1080 or the latter one running in 3440 x 1440; but the old monitor had 1920 x 1080 for sure. But I had no such problem,at least on Windows 7 x64. So that also tells us that a specific combination must be a problem; and / or the problem is something new as it was not present in earlier versions

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