When processing a song fails a temp directory is left

When mp3tag fails to process a song a temp directory is created and left hanging around.


Cannot write tags to file "01 Bullet Catch.m4a" in folder "Bullet Catch - Single"

Directories created:

01 Bullet Catch.m4a.sb-e612fab9-9BPbXm
01 Bullet Catch.m4a.sb-e612fab9-hjrZKb
01 Bullet Catch.m4a.sb-e612fab9-HNUr2s
01 Bullet Catch.m4a.sb-e612fab9-vMVEqG

Is there anyway to have to have it remove the directories it creates after a processing failure?


Thanks! Do you know what caused Mp3tag to not be able to write to the file?

I actually don't know. Is there a way to debug this if I wanted to find out? My music collection is all purchased music from iTunes. I re-downloaded the album from iTunes and it was able to process it but that doesn't really tell me why mp3tag is having issues.


I thought that it's caused by another process locking the file and was interested in the circumstances.

If it's a specific file that causing trouble, it's always possible to send me the file for analyzing purposes.

I ended up running exiftool with a find across my entire collection of music and it turns out iTunes has been randomly sending me a DRM protected file which was causing mp3tag to fail. I'm having to go back to iTunes and re-download the songs that were sent with DRM. None of the music I buy from iTunes should have DRM. This fixes the issue I was seeing.

find . -name "*m4a" -exec exiftool -a {} ; | egrep -e "Audio Format|Directory|File Name" | grep drms -B3

Thanks again for the help.

I've fixed this with Beta 12. Thanks for reporting!