When syncing to phone through WMP some songs separate into a new album

So I've Tagged 28 songs and while on the computer every music program I have sees it as one album. however when I sync it to my phone ( Moto G 7) it splits 4 songs into a separate album.

Its always the same songs and it always cuts off the last symbol of the name. no matter what I change the name to those 4 songs appear without the last letter or symbol in the album name which makes it turn into a new album. I originally named the album "Cyberpunk 2077 (Files not found)" and the 4 songs changed it to "Cyberpunk 2077 (Files not found". i next tried changing the name slightly to not use a symbol at the end. i changed it to "Cyberpunk 2077- Forbidden Files" which the 4 songs turned into "Cyberpunk 2077- Forbidden File"

this is very annoying as I want them all in the same album.

It could be that you have an additional space somewhere in ALBUM.
And you should fill ALBUMARTIST to make clear which files belong together. Otherwise all files with no ALBUMARTIST are taken to come from the same artist.

Good Suggestion but no luck. I tried removing the tags and entering the album name again and those songs still behave the same way.

I actually set the ALBUMARTIST to Unknown Artist intentionally. it is not left blank. I had a problem where the same 4 songs would appear as unknown artist no matter what i changed it to. so decided it would be easier to set them all to Unknown Artist.

What media player are you using? Many still do not use the AlbumArtist tag properly and thus split tracks incorrectly like you are seeing. Foobar2000, GoneMad, and Poweramp all work properly on Android.

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It was my player, Oto Music. really sucks because I loved the minimal design of Oto music. which player would you use? one preferable that allows themes, preferably something minimal/ google dark theme inspired.

You can look at the ones I mentioned previously to start.
Foobar2000 is quite simple but effective and works as expected to browse your library and show the now playing info.
GoneMad has a beautiful yet minimalistic display, and the theme can be customized as you see fit. Plus it even uses the Sort tags, possibly the only Android player to do so as of today.
Poweramp has several skins available to choose the display you may like and supports full hi-res playback from a custom audio engine. This will depend on your device specs.
There are plenty more players that others may recommend as well. These are the three that I personally have found to be most dependable on Android.

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