When using Tag > Filename, Square Brackets are not displayed

As the title says, i am renaming my file based on the genre, artist, and title tages. It works perfectly, except that when i do [%genre%] %title% - %artist% the brackets are unshown, both in the preview and after hitting accept. However curly brackets and parenthesis seem to work fine.

It isnt really a big deal to use another method of separating genres, but i do like how clean the square brackets look. Is this problem on my end, or with the program?

The square brackets have a special function in the converter: they enclose optional text and are not displayed .... unless you use ':
'['%genre%']' %title% - %artist%

Hmm, probably, both cases are true.

See helpfile ... https://docs.mp3tag.de/scripting
section "Characters with special functionality"
... and do understand the difference between ...

[%genre%] ... and ... '['%genre%']'


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Tag > Filename conversions use the Mp3tag scripting functions where the square brackets are used as special characters. See here: https://docs.mp3tag.de/scripting

Enclose them in single quotes to use them literally.

Ah, thanks for the info. I wasnt even thinking about special characters, so i guess the fault was with me.
Thanks for the quick help :slight_smile: