Where are images added by Windows Media Player

Hi, I used windows media player to add missing artwork and checked the option to allow it to add to the file. That worked. My problem is when I use mp3tag to check the files the album cover does not show up anywhere. So is WMP not actually adding it to the file? I have about 2,000 albums missing cover art and really don’t want to have to add them all manually with mp3tag.

Isn't this a genuine WMP problem? For Microsoft?
If you want MP3tag to do something for you, then you have to check for at least some of the albums if there is a file called folder.jpg in the album folder. You many have to set the Windows explorer so that it shows hidden files.
If that file is present and it it shows the expected cover, then you can use an action to import the cover into the audio file.
See the help on actions

I’ve just been using tag sources, cover art for each individual folder. Is there away to do multiple folders at once?

If you already have a file in each folder then you may import that file for all tracks in one go.
Did you check for the file folder.jpg?

No...Like a dummy I ripped my whole collection and didn’t realize that foobar didn’t automatically add the art to the metadata.

I thought we were talking about that you

Anyway: unless there is a file with the picture of the cover in the folder somewhere you have to look for them again, album by album.

I used foobar to rip everything but I was using windows media player to automatically add the artwork but it only shows up when using wmp, so I’m having to manually add in mp3tag via metadata provider.