Where are special system words like MISSING listed (and what they do)?

some time ago, i saw a very brief mention and use somewhere of a system word 'MISSING', and since then somewhere else i saw some mention of apparently other system words - NOT, MATCH, HAS, IS, AND (i didn't see any OR mentioned, although logically you would think it would be there)

so ARE these system words/functions?

if so, where would they be listed?

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ok. i see this.

now if the Manual had a SEARCH, i could found this regardless of what strange place they put these.

i mean, under 'FILTERS'????

give me a break. :slight_smile:

and these system functions/variables (reserved words) would have probably been quite useful to me previously :frowning: when i was struggling to both come to grips with MP3Tag and with my untamed and messy data


Yes, just as has been revealed to you in your own thread:

And these keywords only work in filters not application-wide.

Operators only work in the filter, so that is exactly where they should be.

You are here for this reason. The existing data in your tags was poorly, or at least not consistently, maintained in the past. This is the same reason every other user has landed at mp3tag. It is free for Windows users, and a modest price for native Mac users. But the time saved using it is invaluable. Most seem to appreciate what mp3tag has to offer, a few can’t seem to grasp how it works and blame the universe.

Perhaps you are expecting far too much from the program, or the other users that have generously responded to your rampant requests to provide you guidance on correcting your own data. I have personally tried to reply where I could add support for you, but I can’t believe how ignorant most of your replies have been when you couldn’t get the desired results.

I’m sorry, but my time is valuable to me. I won’t be replying any further to your comments here.


"can't believe how ignorant most of your replies have been ..."

really??? really??

when i am struggling with a new complex program, and technolgy, and where the Manual does not have an essential Search function - that would have saved/save us ALL of a lot of time!

or virtually no examples that would have saved/save us all far more time.

and avoided the need for so many Support questions

yet it is somehow MY fault when i ask question while i am try to learn an understand????

AND, contrary to the ill-informed criticism i have got, when i am using MP34Tag, i usually have about EIGHT tabs open for different parts of Manual!

and btw, just HOW have ANY of my replies to you been anything but friendly and courteous???? pls name a single ONE.

talk about 'shoot the messenger'.

ahhh. do these only work as FILE foliters, because i have an Action that replaces (populates) a Field? something like %artist MISSING ....

Don't most manipulations in MP3tag effect files?

Please show us the action. Or even better - as this seems to be a new probem: open a new thread.