Where are the values for Genre stored


I blanked out all the values for the Genre tag field, and now want to create a new set of custom list values, but am unable to do so because the values list is greyed out.

Where/how can I do this, or is it not possible?



You have to go to File->Options->Genres.

And from the documentation about Genres:

This doesn't seem to be what is happening to me. Please see two screen shots. The first showing part of the long list of genres in the tag panel. The second showing the genres in the list by going to File - Options - Genres.

To be clear, I want to reduce the number of genre options available.

What if you check the "Show only user-defined genres" in the last screen shot?

Neither of the two check box options appear to make any difference to what is shown.

Just to be sure: Did you restarted Mp3tag after the checkbox-change as mentioned here:

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