Where can I download version 2.36 ?


I'm having problem with version 2.38; registry modifications just don't work to read the entire directory. I have Win XP HE and version 2.36 was suggested on this forum.

Where can I find it :slight_smile:



With these tools it might be easier to find the keys:


First open ShellMenuView and look for the Mp3tag entries.
Find the extensions you need and see what is in their "File Type" column.
Then use RegScanner to find these keys or do it in Regedit directly.
There should be the shell\Mp3tag\Command keys that you need to change.


Thanks for your suggestion, "shell_menu_view" was the needed program :slight_smile:



The good news is that everything is back to normal; right click working fine

The bad news is that this prove I'm getting old :frowning:

Just notice that I was changing all the "/fp:%1" to "/fn:%1" :blush:

And again thanks for your help