Where I export the configuration files created by MP3TAG Free version

Where I export the Configuration Files on the Streaming Server in the music or audio folder where my VoxStream panel is located or in the folder of my hosting site where the file or page in php or html is located where the player code was attached


Luiz - Brazil

Your post is a little hard to understand.
I assume that you want to know where to find the configuration file for MP3tag.
If this assumption is correct, please see the FAQs:

Hello, good night, this would not be my question, but as shown in the links below if I am correctly publishing the tags to which I want the cover to appear in the player of my web radio of each audio, on the server ... in this case of the attachments I am publishing the mp3 with the tag I created to export the cover on the server of the voxstream panel the doubts would be?

A) The publication when referring to the insertion of the cover in the mp3tag will always be on the voxstream panel server or on the website server where this streaming player is

B) it is this way that I have to publish

doubt 1 - https//webradio-hostitatibaweb.com.br/duvidas/duvidasmp3tagexportcoverwebplayer.jpg
doubt 2 - https://webradio-hostitatibaweb.com.br/duvidas/duvidasmp3tag.jpg

regards Luiz - Brazil

To be honest: I don't know what your player likes.
The best way would be:
Make sure that each file has an embedded picture.
It could be that your player only likes pictures with a certain maximum size or pictures with non-interlaced structure.
Both properties can be adapted with an action of the type "Adjust cover".
Or your player relies on external files like Windows Media Player which likes to have a file called folder.jpg in each album folder.
You could easily export the embedded cover to a file with a fixed name or with field variables in the format string to create the filename.
Either you experiment a little or you ask the support forum of your player.