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Can I keep my settings when updating to a new version?

Yes, you can install a new version over an already installed version. The installation program will keep/upgrade your settings.

If you want to backup your settings, please choose File > Save configuration. To restore the backup, you have to unzip the backup archive to %APPDATA%\Mp3tag which usually expands to the following directories

  • Windows XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mp3tag
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Note: If you use a portable installation, just use the program directory to store the settings.

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How to build a portable installation of Mp3tag? (e.g. on a USB stick)

You can install Mp3tag in portable mode.

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Cannot write configuration file

If you're getting the error message Cannot write configuration file when closing Mp3tag, it's most likely a file permissions issue.

This can happen if you recently updated your Windows version or moved data from one computer to another. In this case, the file permissions sometimes reference Windows user accounts that do not exist on the updated computer or are not the one which you're currently using.

To resolve this, the file permissions need to be adjusted. How to do this is described in the following steps

  1. Open Windows Explorer and enter %APPDATA% to the address bar
  2. Locate the folder Mp3tag, right-click and choose Properties from the context menu
  3. Open the Security tab which allows to view the permissions of this folder
  4. Choose Edit to change permissions of this folder
  5. In case your user name is not listed in the list of permissions, choose Add and provide your user name and make sure that you allow Full control
  6. Make sure that your user account has full control to this folder