Where is a summary of all Tag details

Is the a complete summary of Tags supported by MP3TAG?

I've seen reference to the help file "ID3v2 / WMA tag fields" (Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation) but as I explore these forums I come across other tags (eg, ITUNESMEDIATYPE, TVEPISODEID, TVNETWORK, etc). Is there access to an up-to-date list of all tags?

The fields you've mentioned are rather new and will be included in the list of supported tag fields with the next final release.

I would also like to see this, otherwise it's impossible to know which tags are used by a particular file. Sometimes a rogue tag can cause problems so it's nice to be able to see if any weird ones are being used.

@florian: it's great that those tags will be supported, but how will you know if a file uses a particular one, without creating a column for it in the UI? If it's just one tag youre interested in then this is not a problem, but if you just want to know what tags are being used then there are a LOT of different tags to enter :S

What would be really great is an option to automatically add columns (and entries to the side panel) for all tags present in any files in the current directory. So if one file had a weird BANANA tag, you would get a banana column and a banana field in the sidebar. This would be temporary, so if you cleared these tags then refresh the columns would disappear.

I love mp3tag and use it every day, this is the only feature that is missing in my opinion :slight_smile:

You can use the extended tag dialog via [Alt+T] to inspect the tag.

Ahhh... perfect. This tool keeps getting better and better.

I have found the list of tag field names identified in the first post to be useful and necessary for my use of MP3Tag with Media Monkey.

Would it be possible to add a column in the table to show a field name mapping for Media Monkey?

Re my previous post here, I have just found out that a problem with dates I have had for the last two weeks was down to my misunderstandings of date field mappings between MP3Tag and Media Monkey. I eventually found that MP3Tag's "Year" field showed up in M3's "Date" field, and similarly MP3Tag's "Original Year" field equates to "Original Date" in MM3. Having a Media Monkey column in the Help fields table would have saved me much grief.