where is display the "lyrics3" tab which appear in winamp ?


i have some mp3 which have a lyrics3 tab when i play them in Winamp.

i can"t find in mp3tag where we can manage them.
I check the extended ALT-T, but they are not there.
Even in windows explorer properties dialog box, this infos is not present.

so where ?

Lycrics that can be managed by MP3tag have to be in the field UNSYNCEDLYRICS.
MP3tag does not support LYRICS V1 tags (check if you have these in the files).
MP3tag does not support synced lyrics.
CHeck what Winamp displays in the lyrics 3 tab (and what about lyrics 1 &2?)

Perhaps a check with Mp3diags shows more.

I don't use winamp and so I don't know what this lyrics3 is.
But it looks for as if this is a kind of plugin which looks for lyrics online when a file is played.
There are similar solutions also for other players that do it in this way, i.e. Minilyrics.

This means that there is no tag used and no data embedded in the music-file.