Where is Filter/Search history stored?

The Filter/Search function stores previously used search strings. I understand I can edit, add, and delete those stored search strings through the GUI, but would like to edit those strings more directly. So I was wondering where the information was stored. I did not see it in Mp3tagSettings.zip or anywhere in .../appdata/... or the registry. Does this mean that information is not in a 'text' format somewhere that I can edit directly? Please tell me it's not compiled in mp3tag.cfg.
kk then, thanks in advance,

Yeah, I found it. Indeed in mp3tag.cfg, and indeed, in a format I ought not consider editing directly. I was hoping for something similar in structure to the INI files used for columns and genres. I just find managing search strings though provided GUI such a pain in the butt and wanted to go at it with a text editor.

kk then, cheers

You can emulate the function of a text editor if you create a text file with filter expressions and then copy&paste the special ones from there.
This also has the advantage that you can add comments that describe the purpose of the filter.
Also, you can clear the filter cache regularly without loosing the frequently used expressions.

Clever. Yes, that will be helpful. Thank you ohrenkino.