Where is the PERFORMER tag?

Hi, I can't find it, can you help me?

You can press ALT + T on your track in Mp3tag and check in the "extended Tags" window if you can see a tag named PEFORMER and his current content.

Or where exactly are you looking for PERFORMER?
Do you want to show it in a column?
Do you want to show it in the Tag panel (left side)?

I actually want to move the CONDUCTOR info to PERFORMER and also show it in a column

Please see the FAQ:

Yeah but I can't find PERFORMER in the list of fields or formats

You have to type in that name - for MP3tag there is no standard field called Performer. You will create a user-defined field.

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Note that PERFORMER is not a standard field in most media players on any platform. So this will be informational only in most cases, for your personal use.

It is in MusicBee [ ]

I did say "most" :grinning:
I use MB as well. The PERFORMER field is still a custom (not "standard") field and needs to be added for MB to scan and be able to use that info. Many other players don't have this flexibility, especially on any of the mobile platforms.

Just for the record:
According to psychoadept's answer in the MusicBee forum, the PERFORMER tag is technically a TXXX frame.

You can find the complete list of officially supported tags here:

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