Where is the 'Tools/Auto Numbering Wizard' drop-down gone?

Since installing the lkatest build, the option under 'Tools' for 'Auto-numbering Wizard' seems to have disappeared altogether, and I cannot seem to find it in the 'settings' dialogue either.
It's there under version 3.16 but totally gone in 3.20

What am I missing or not seeing please?

See the change-log

[2023-01-24] CHG: retired the Tools main menu and moved entries for Options to File main menu and auto-numbering wizard to Convert main menu.

But it is still in the same position in the toolbar and still answers to the same keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K

That'll teach me to read the notes (which I obviously did not) & not seeing it in the accustomed place just threw me so I looked in 'Settings' but did not see it on the actual toolbar either.

Found it now - much appreciated and thank you.

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