Where to begin?


Hi All - I recently got my first Ipod. I have been using an Iriver and Musicmatch for years. Much of my (all mp3) collection will not add to the Itunes library, apparently because of tag corruption - if I remove the tag, Itunes will add the track. Tags appear fine visually in Musicmatch, Foobar (i use Rockbox and replaygain on the Iriver, may do the same on Ipod), and mp3tag. I realize that I somehow must clean up and re-tag the files en masse, but have limited knowledge and skills. Naturally I want to retain the existing tag information and art if at all possible. Any ideas or suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Mark


I think you could open your whole library in Mp3tag and export all tags to a file. Then delete all tags, and import them from that file.

Take this as a starting point, sorry I can't give you more details right now. I'll check back in a few days :slight_smile:


Thanks... For some reason, the files have multiple tags (yikes!) I have in fact figured out how export/clean/import - using a text file. Now I'm tryng to figure out out how to export/import the art... perhaps I should be using another export format? Mark