Where's "Tag - Tag" conversion?

Just discovered this great proggie. However, how come there is no tag-to-tag conversion available? I have several songs with title tag "%track% - %title%" and of course I want to convert them to just "%title%". Of course I could first use tag-filename and then filename-tag, but I don't want to change the filenames (and tag-tag would be so much easier).

The Actions [ALT+5] are used for this.

It's [Alt+5] or Converter, Actions :wink:

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~ Florian

Care to give an example on how to accomplish the task mentioned? Without regexp might I add, which would be total overkill for a task this simple.

The same way it's done with Filename-Tag conversion.
Let's say we have a song with the title "01 - Song", and we want to change it to "Song".

We select Convert -> Tag-Tag

Program asks for field and we select: TITLE
Program asks for formatstring and we enter: %1 - %2
(Program shows preview - 1: 01 and 2: Song)
Program asks for new entry and we enter: %2
Press OK.

About 42 times simpler than using your suggested method.

I agree with Sentenced.......

quite a few compilation albums "Best xxxx Album in the World Ever...." type thing have the track name as "Name of Artist - Track Name" format......at the moment I use

Tag - Filename then

Filename - Tag typing %artist% - %title%

and it works brilliantly.

I too expected to see a Tag - Tag conversion entry.

Excellent piece of software btw :slight_smile:

Sentenced, AndyD,

I've added some kind of Tag - Tag converter with the new action type Guess values with the latest Development Build.

Just create a new action Guess values and use %title% as source format and %artist% - %title% as guessing pattern.

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~ Florian