which one is giving me the correct information? MP3TAG or other TAG software


I m new with MP3 tag and want to use this program to scan my Music folder to see if the codecs and bitrates are ok. I ve added 160 mp3s that are stored in my Music folder and 4 files are recognized as MPEG I layer I and all other files as MPEG I layer III. But other software reads those 4 files also as MPEG layer III (even Winamp shows MPEG layer III in the info screen!). BUT...... my MP3 player gives my a notification that the 4 files are not supported. Which program gives me the correct info? And IF MP3TAG is right; is a layer I less quality then a layer III?


Probably just files that have corrupted MPEG header data. Since every "chunk" of music has its own header (there can be thousands in a typical file), different programs show different results. Some just take the info from the first MPEG header they see, some evaluate all headers in the file.

Files from the Internet or obscure sources often have corrupted headers, some even, say 4 headers out of 11,000 bad. The best measure is to throw bad files like those away. And re-rip them with a reliable ripper.

Or you could invest several thousand dollars for a professional MPEG stream editor software — and use many hours to "repair" a single file, often just to find that its really corrupted.

Another alternative might be to go for a simple (and possibly destructive) tool like mp3val or WAP VBRFix. Tools like these can often at least "throw out" the bad frames, but you might experience hisses, crackles or missing parts. Usually not worth the efforts.