Which Regular Expression engine and syntax is used by Mp3tag?

I read that MP3Tag uses Perl's regular expression engine.

Can anyone tell me which version of Perl is MP3Tag using? TIA.

I'm not using Perl (as the Perl engine) in Mp3tag — it's all C++. As regular expression engine I'm using Boost.Regex which has a perl regular expression syntax.

I have spent days working on an action group that I cannot get working.

I have just discovered, at regular-expressions.info, that there are Lookbehind limitations in Boost and/or Perl.

If I know which version(s) MP3Tag is using, I can check whether the regex feature I wish to use is supported, without spending days trying to get unsupported regex features to work.

Yes, as far as I know lookbehind must be fixed length. Here is the documentation for Boost.Regex included in Boost 1.70 which I'm currently using.

Many thanks for the confirmation and link.

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