Who wants to donate?


If you are benefitting by using MP3TAG, consider this. He puts hard graft into the program, and costs for the web space. Put yourself in his place; would you like to work hard for the pleasure of others only to receive no financial reward.
I'm a software designer too, and have found that myself and other authors who do free stuff get very few decent folks putting their hand in their pocket.
Do the decent thing, and if you find MP3TAG useful DONATE!
Alistair George.


Hi Alistair!

Thank you very much for your donation! As I already wrote you by mail, I'm really glad, that you like Mp3tag :slight_smile:

Thank you also for trying to motivate other users to show their appreciation! If everyone would spend 1 Euro I'd have no problems anymore :slight_smile: But for now, only very few people are donating and I use the money to pay the bills for the traffic, the domains and the development environment.

Thanks again!

Best regards,
~ Florian


Yes, I fully understand. Unfortunately, some greedy folks take free software and complain, or ask for special features to be added without actually contributing anything of appreciation. What many dont seem to understand is that we do freeware as, and only as we can afford the time. Many freeware programs never get updated (or disappear) because the contributor is not getting any financial reward, and therefore cannot afford any more time on the project. This would be sad to see for MP3Tag, as you have put so much excellent work, and are a gifted programmer.
Best wishes,
Alistair George (www.alistairgeorge.com)
PS one of my programs which is free back4win has thousands and thousands of users, yet I guess I have received around 25 donations over the years. The odds are quite amazing when you think about it.