"Who's online?" list


The old forum showed who was online at any one time - which was sometimes quite useful as it helped to judge whether it was worthwhile to wait for an answer or not.
Is there something like it in this forum sw?


It's not available in the core system. I think it's possible to add via a plugin, but I'm not sure if it's of real benefit and somehow like the new way of using the forums.

If you want to just check if the member is still online, you can go to the summary page of the member profile and check the Seen timestamp. Would this work?


This would be very specific.
Well, you know, in the "old days" it was in a way soothing to see that some experts like @DetlevD for regular expressions was online also if there was a new post that dealt with such a topic.
And when you could see that someone new was online, it was fairly likely that a new thread would be started. So it, again, was worthwhile to wait.
But it is probably only an old habit to check this list.
But then again ... It just struck me.


But this forum apparently has a build in function that shows an indication when someone is writing a replay. I was at the end of the topic I think a saw something like that when I resurrected old thread and someone was quickly responding to it [and so I waited a little while for it to appear]


I have to bump this topic as I gathered more experience with the current forum software.
It has happened to me now a couple of times that I anwered to a post and while doing it another participant in the forum also answered it (and was quicker than me - drat! no, just kidding).
In the old forum it was possible not only to see that someone else was online but also whether that person was currently posting in a certain topic.
In the old forum I usually waited to see what was being posted.
Right now I do not have a clue about the activities of the other participants and posts with almost the same contents appear for the same topic but by different posters.
So if it would be possible to include something like the "Who's online" list I would still welcome it.


There are two ways of noticing whether someone else is already replying to the topic:

1. Directly below the post, before you click "Reply"

2. Next to the preview, while you're replying