whs - windows home server

I got a Ava rs3 which runs whs and I would like to install mp3tag on it - if it works.
Another solution is to install it on a pc and connect to share on server.
Any thoughs on whats smartest.
kind regards

MP3tag requires computing power. So if your system is powerful enough to perform extra tasks ... why not.
Also, you can easily install mp3tag on your server and call it from any PC that has access to that installation. This would then enable any user on any pc to use the same set of actions and exports.
On the other hand would this also hinder you from personal settings like columns or language, tag panel.
But as I do not know your workflow ...
Also you would have to load the program from the server, instead from the local pc - but that was clear anyway, right?

thank you I guess then that mp3tag works on the "windows home server" operating system
The workflow is to let the ava server rip and tag and find cover automatic. Sometimes however it comes out with for example "&" instead of "and" in a artist name, that means now there 2 different artists where there should be only one. Thats where I would like to use mp3tag also for some covers.
kind regards