Why are comments doubled?

I have downloaded some music from the Internet Archive, digitized from 78rpm records. They place the URL in the Comment field. (Here is an example: https://archive.org/details/78_i-know-how-to-do-it_sextet-with-dinah-washington-leonard-feather-lionel-hampton-joe_gbia0001260a) I can play the file in foobar2000, and that program displays URL as a comment, as expected.

However, when I drag the file to mp3tag, the comment field now contains two instances of the URL, separated by a double backslash, e.g.

These are long URLs, and thus especially awkward to work with when they are repeated in the Comment tag.

I have three questions:

(a) Why is this happening?
(b) Can it be avoided?
(c) How can I fix the files already tagged with duplicate URLs in the Comment field? I have some basic knowledge of Regular Expressions and tried several approaches but couldn't get an Action to recognize and delete one of the URLs, so any help in that department would be, well, helpful.

Thank you.

(a) The file has two comment fields, Mp3tag displays them separated by \\ in the Tag Panel.
(b) Only by not adding duplicate fields.
(c) You can remove duplicate fields via the extended Tag dialog at Alt + T or with an action "Remove duplicate fields".

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