Why can't MP3Tag see some files cover/art?


First of all I really enjoy using MP3Tag, I've tried various others but this is the most easy and user friendly for me.

Ok, so I've got about 230 files that I'd like to clean up tags (album artist, comments) and cover/art for, unfortunately there are 15 or so files which I'm having issues with.

I've used 35 files to just test on. There are some files as you can see where Windows Explorer can see cover/art, so can some other taggers but MP3Tag does not detect it?

The top 4 MP3 files, all with Cover blank, no cover/art displaying on the left, but Windows Explorer can see all 35 files with cover/art.

Any ideas?

And all 4 are marked as "BAD ID3v2".
You should repair them.

Any reason why MusicBrainz Picard and TagScanner are picking up the cover/art all ok but not MP3Tag.

If there is something in the settings I need to change possibly so it can detect it?

Also, another thing, these are my settings below.

If I select all and hit save, it removes the cover/art so it's no longer visible on Windows Explorer, MusicBrainz Picard or TagScanner.

Ask them.

Run your files through the linked tools and see what other problems you have in files:

The settings in the mpeg options are strange as you never delete ID3V2 tags.
If you do not use APE tags - don't read them, only remove them.

I'll adjust the Read settings, I was under the impression that if I set ID3v2 to delete it would remove all my tags as that's the format they are saved in.

Will run the files through those tools and come back.