Why different tags in Tag Panel & List Cols Tags?

having been invited to edit Tag Panel for additional Tags ... i did

and now i know actually what the Tag Panel is - ie an Tag edit diusplay for individual tracks (as i was originally asking about)

but the mystery deepens (for me)

the Tags listed in Tag Panel are different to the Tags listed in the List Columns

i see Tags such as Bit Rate, Codec, and many other Tags, NOT listed in the Tag Panel, and there are some the other way around .. eg Mood in Tag Panel, but not in Columns Tags


You can adjust the Tag Panel as you like.
And you can adjust the File List as you like.
They don't have to be exactly the same, but you can adjust it so, if you like.

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MP3tag is so flexible - it allows the user to customize the view so that you get the best information.
But you have to do the customization yourself.
So if you see differences between the tag panel and the file list, it would be up to you to synchronize them
The only exception is probably: you don't see pictures in the file list and you don't see technical information in the tag panel.

I strongly recommend that you get acquainted with the features as described in the documentation as you have asked a lot of questions concerning basic functions.
For this particular topic I would think this section is quite nice:


the issue that you seem ignore - the list of AVAILABLE Tags IS NOT THE SAME.

Can you please show us some of this tags only available for the Tag Panel or only for the File List?

Or the other way:
How would you shrink a cover picture into the "Excel style" File List?

Without an actual example this is an unfounded allegation.
If you think you found a difference, then please compare it first with the linked documentation and see whether there is really an "issue".

The list itself that pops up is not limited to those items. If you have custom tags, these can be added to either the tag panel or the file list. The exception being that the technical tags (those that have a leading underscore like %_filename_ext% or %_samplerate% for example) are not available in the tag panel, as these are not editable tags. For any tag field that you want to add that isn't in the current drop-down list, you can simply type it in to add it. This is especially useful for user-generated custom tags.


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