Why do my MP3 files always show Popularimeter with "MP3Tag|" prior to rating inputted?

I mostly use flac, but I have noticed that my MP3 files always preface whatever value I put in Popularimeter with "MP3Tag|" or example, if I input "3", I will get "MP3Tag|3"

Is there a way to stop this behavior?

See the description for POPULARIMETER for the correct syntax:

Crap! OK, I guess I will use another rating field that does not do this. Thanks for pointing that out, ohrenkino!

I doubt that you will get much luckier with that.
The syntax stays the same: an identifier, a bar, then a value.
Only that you do not see MP3Tag as identifier for e.g. WMP but
Windows Media Player 9 Series|196

Yep, I just noticed that. I guess I will make a custom field, then I can transfer the values later if need be. Thanks!

before you invest too much brainpower and effort I would investigate whether your player interprets the ratings at all.
E.g. iTunes doesn't.

Thanks for the warning, but I am going to use this field to populate a small section of the comment field so that I can use it in itunes with smart playlists: So if Comment contains "[R:3]" the song will be included in my playlist of songs rated "3."

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Alternatively, you could filter for the files with a certain rating in MP3tag and then drag&drop them into iTunes and set the same rating there.
You would have to repeat that for each different rating.

This is an effective solution, using the comments field as you have suggested. I have done the same in my case to allow Smart Playlists to be built and find keys I have included in the comments for things like "Hi-Res" "HDCD" "Christmas" "Halloween" and others. These are all search items that I would not include elsewhere, say in a Genre (for Christmas or Halloween, where Pop, Rock, Country are more appropriate).

Yes, thanks to your suggestions in the past, I am realizing how I can use MP3Tag to create playlists in itunes. I am doing that with a playlist field I created and it has been very useful. One good thing about a smart playlist is that it automatically updates (if you set it to do so).

OK, I do not want to dig too far into the iTunes functions but AFAIK you would have to force iTunes to re-read the files before you see the data that you just changed in MP3tag.
The idea behind the drag&drop is that you know the rating of these files and you can update it straight away in iTunes so that iTunes can save this property to its database.
But you are probably the more experienced iTunes user

Great minds think alike! I am doing the same. I am not using just rating, but Mood, Key, danceability and others.

Yes, you are right, I would have to do so for files I change but not for new files that I already treat this way. Man, you are good at spotting the caveats! Thanks for pointing them out!

Just make sure you run an update script for all files you have updated, and these will update into all of your Smart Playlists that are using the filters you have added to the files.

This one - UpdateTagInfo - is my personal favorite, from Steve MacGuire's site full of scripts for the Windows version of iTunes.

Thanks! I use that one as well.

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