why Does MP3 Editor modify my input information

Whatever word i type in when I save the word Music is added...

Cassette becomes CasseMusictteMusic

Itune becomes ItunesMusic


Under Tag Panel, I created a field

Name: Media Format
Value: %copyright%
Field: %copyright%

Here's the wierd part if I give an odd name, it doesn't change... Ex: Soup, Can, Disc...
But if i give it a known name, Google Play, etc

It becomes GoogleMusic Play

Any Ideas...

You have done something where every e is replaced with eMusic ...

Check the different settings for columns or default values for the word Music.

This sounds to me as if you have any other software installed on your system, which automatically triggers the insertion of the string "eMusic", when you type the letter "e" into an input edit field.

In the header line of this request you have named "MP3 Editor", what is the purpose of this application?