Why does mp3tag read in hidden files?


I had a need to perform an operation today on about half of the directories in a CD sized folder. I set the hidden attribute on the ones that didn't need help, but they were read in anyway. Then I looked for an option to ignore hidden files and couldn't find one. Am I missing something here? I could of course make the files read-only and ignore the errors, but that is not nearly as clean as never loading them in the first place.

I haven't been here in a long time, no need as the product has steadily improved, but I recall this unwanted behavior having been there as long as I can remember.


This is not an option either because of another unconventional behavior. If you tell mp3tag to respect the read-only status of a file when making changes then any changes to following files that do not have their read-only attribute set are also discarded! There appear to be only two ways to work around this. The first is by working around any directories/files you don't want to touch inside the GUI. The second is pretty drastic: Move the files you don't want to work on to a temporary non-sub directory. It's really only an issue with a large number of files. Another solution would be to allow the selection of multiple directories. I'm surprised that the functionality still isn't there.


The next version will both address the issue with the confirmation dialog regarding read-only files and the selection of multiple directories.

Stay tuned!


Thank you Florian! I have been waiting for years to see file selection available in mp3tag. v2.37b is a major step forward.


I also wish mp3tag to ignore hidden files. Marking my hidden files as read only is not an option. Do you anticipate that this functionality will be implemented soon?