Why does Mp3tag sometimes launch very slowly?

Not every launch but about 1 in 4 Mp3tag takes up to 30 seconds or more to start (only the splash screen appears). I turned off the "Check for new version" function and no difference. I can't say for sure but possibly this mostly happens when launching from Explorer context menu. Using v2.51 on Win7 x64. I'm not complaining; I love the program. Just wondering what I can do to elimate this odd problem.

Yes, I've noticed this. I almost always launch Mp3tag from the Explorer menu, currently on WinXP Pro. I don't think it's ever hit 30 seconds for me, but Mp3tag has definitely become much slower to launch in recent versions, maybe for the last six months or so(?) Like you say, not every time, but fairly often.

It sounds cheesy, but maybe a uninstall - reinstall would help?

I am running Mp3tag on Win 7 x64, but it's still as snappy as it was on day 1 when I installed it.

Ps: What about the Mp3tagError.log ? Does it hold any clues ?