Why doesn't mp3tag check for title matching when importing csv tags?

I have been wondering,. Why doesn't mp3tag software or any other tag software check if the title from the csv file and the mp3 files match before copying the tags from the text files?.
Or is there a way to do it?

MP3tag would align the record with the file if the filename is part of the data record.
(What would you do if the data that you want to update of all things the field TITLE and that is needed for the alignment ...)

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Ok, so if filename is inside the csv, mp3tag would verify the files and match and update the tags?

I don't know what you mean by "verify".
You have to define a list of field names during the import and then MP3tag puts the data it finds into the field that you set.

See also the help:

by verify I meant, if the filename matches, then update the tags, else skip the file.

That is the function Convert>Text file-Tag, exactly.

No, if I convert text file to tag, it just copies the tags from the text file into the files.
is it possible to update the tags only if the filename or title matches?

Did you have a look at the help?
There, the whole procedure is described.
MP3tag only uses the filename but never the data for TITLE to align record and file.

so, mp3tag doesn't try matching filename or title.
Do you think it would be a great feature to add it?.
Thanks a lot.


Quote from the help:
"This converter imports tag information from a text file. In this text file, each line corresponds to the tag information for one file. The format string describes the format of these lines. "
" Matching files from text file to file list in Mp3tag

%_filename_ext% or %_path% are used to ensure the correct file gets tagged. Use %_filename_ext% if you have lots of files in one folder. Use %_path% if you have many folders each containing files. If you do not use either of these tags, mp3tag will simply work through the text file one line at a time, applying changes to each selected file in turn. It is possible that tags will be applied to the wrong files if the selected files and the text file are in a different order."

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ok, now I understand, but how do I implement this?. any article please?

This one isn't too bad:

or perhaps here:

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