why i am not getting the tags in explorer

I am not able to get the tags in explorer . only file name is visible.when i open the folder in mp3tag i can see all the tag fields as filename, artist ,and album. but in explorer i cannot. in some other folders which i have not opened in mp3tag i can see all the three viz filename,artist and the album. why this happens? thanks i am using v 2.69

Windows Explorer does not read V2.4 tags. So make sure that you have written V1 and/or V2.3.

Also, it is sometimes necessary to modify the properties of a folder and use the template for "Music" to see the tags in columns.


i have checked the tag version is v 2.3

So, in theory, you should be able to see the metadata.
It could be that a short repair run with mp3val restores the files if the tags are still not visible although Explorer shows the right columns.

Thanks for the reply.let me explain further.

i have edited some files in mp3tag after which i am not able to see the tag items.the tag items are there but is not displayed in windows explorer.what i mean is,when i look at the files in mp3tag i can see filename , artist, and the album field filled with data. when i open the folder in windows explorer, i am supposed to see the" filename" on top under which the" artist" and at the bottom of all the "album". so there should be three lines of data. this is what i mentioned in the post. i can see some other folders in this way. but for the particular edited file i am not. today i worked with another folder and there is no problem with the tags. i can see all the three lines there.

my doubt is this

is there any button /option in the mp3tag by which we can limit the number of tag items to be displayed (filename,artist,album) to one(filename)

Mp3tag has no influence on the capabilities of the Windows Explorer.
Perhaps you check the folder options for your music folders.
Select the top folder.
Right-click on the folder and select properties.
Go to tab "Adapt".
Select the "Music" template and apply this to all sub-folders.
Click OK/Apply.