Why is Freedb not showing any correct info?

Hi, I recently D/L MP3tag after many years of not using. Totally forgot everything

My question is as stated, MP3tag's freedb is NOT showing any correct info on any song even when all the tag info is correct?

image of when all info correct the results

is there a login that i need to setup with some id #?

any help appreciated


there are different methods for querying freedb and I'm not sure which one you've used.

The option based on the selected files needs all the files of an album selected and in the correct order so that Mp3tag can simulate the actual Audio CD.

Or have you used the web search? If so, please show the query dialog.

Kind regards
— Florian

I am using the selected file. I thought one of the features of MP3tag external database checker, is to be able to have an audio file with an artist and title and click freedb use "determine from selected file, it will pull up the records in their database based on the matching title & artist in DB. Thus select one getting the ID3tag. Usually, try to match other bits of info i.e. length and if an album is listed in the track I have, and chose which one best fits my audio track, then select to get the rest of the tag info.

I used to use MP3 Tag back when I 1st joined this forum for exactly that 2005. I had a several thousand tracks with mainly artist & title and managed to tag all. I haven't had any need except a new GF who now asks me to tag her music collection of thousands of tracks (not sure where she got them) but some have id3tag info most are just title and artist. She doesn't care about sorting into album folders or artist, it will be just one giant folder of MP3s using the tag info to sort and create playlists.

What is curious is I have the artist and title of the track and the result from freedb doesn't even match that info see the image, I believe it used to do that very easily.

So to reframe the question what is the best way to tag random music tracks containing only title and artist, doing it as automated as possible. i.e. 1000 tracks from 1000 albums not knowing the album.

see here: /t/17805/1