Why mp3 tag 2.48 is so bad ?


Today I've downloaded the new version of my favorit tag editor but surprise...the new version is extremely low and bugged...they arent cover on the amazon application...it's so long to rename one file and for load 4 files !!
And now after a restart because mp3tag made my computer bug I can't restart...I haven't got a desktop now...just a black screen !!
2 questions when the next update will be released and where I can download an old version (2.47b)


To me this behaviour looks like your hard disk is just quitting service.
I seriously doubt that observed behaviour has anything to do with mp3tag.


I agree with ohrenkino.
2.48 is working perfect here so this must be some kind of problem with your PC.

In case you want 2.47b back (although I don't see why) you can get it here: