Why Mp3tag puts some information twice


I'm getting the following information for every song Mp3tag loads:


Can someone tell me why Mp3tag puts the back slashes in the above fields?

What does that mean?

How can I configure Mp3tag to not put that information?


This happens if you have multiple fields of the same type, e.g., two TITLE fields. Please have a look at the extended tag dialog [Alt+T] to identify and delete the duplicates.

Ok, I do see multiple fields of the same type, but the question is why I have those duplicated fields.

How did they get there?

I have never manually added those extra fields.

Also, the problem seems to be with the ID3v2 tag, because if I uncheck ID3v2 from the Tags Mpeg Read option, Mp3tag does not show these duplicates.

Will I have to go through each song one by one and identify and delete these duplicated fields or there's an automatic way to do this? I have about 1,300 songs with this problem and it's going to take me forever.

By the way, I don't have any problem when transferring the songs to iTunes, because the purpose is to put them on my iPod.

Neither iTunes nor my iPod show any abnormalities with these duplicated fields, so I was wondering it it's ok to leave them the way there are (duplicated).

Thanks for your help,

Anyone can help me?


You could use the Merge duplicate fields or Remove duplicate fields action: https://docs.mp3tag.de/actions/merge-duplicate-fields

I am having a similar problem to remove duplicated fields:
I have a few fields which i want to move all to genre, seperated by \\ and then i split genre again by \\ .
That's is all like, i want it to have, but is it somehow possible only to remove duplicated Genre fields, which also have exactly the same content.

The way I do it currently it can happen the there are 2 genre fields with "Rock".

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