Why my music take up less space when I edit it wich Mp3Tag?

Why my music take up less space when I edit it wich Mp3Tag?

I used m4a from iTunes.

You do not tell us what kind of editing you do.
E.g. if you embed a smaller picture or remove it altogether ...
Also: the padding might vary.
Why do you ask?

I Just edit Artist name.

Mp3tag removes most of the padding (free space in the tag).
Files from itunes can have a lot of it.

My understanding has always been that padding would only be removed if Mp3tag had to rewrite a file. But that only happens when there is insufficient padding to write modified (or additional) tags.

Is that incorrect? Is there some set of circumstances where Mp3tag rewrites a file just to reduce excessive padding?

I think if the padding is bigger than 2kb it is reduced to 2kb (unless it is a flac file).

Is that good?

Saves disc space ... so if you like to have more free disc space then it is good, yes.

I think the important bit is: you do not loose anything of the information. The music data stays the same just as the tagging info stays as you entered it.


Cute .. lol :slight_smile:

BTW .. I noticed something similar also .. at some album / audio files ... saw the total album's size .. and then someone fixed the tags on it and reposted it .. but it became somewhat smaller total size (and per file size) ...

I noticed it ... and posted about it .. but no one seemed to know about it..

Someone suggested, what i suspected as well, that it must be due to tag editing ... -- and now i see (after reading above) that it is INDEED :slight_smile:

Well .. as long as the music quality is not ANY worse after Tag editing ... It should be OK ... and even better (to save HD space)

ONLY will matter negatively, I guess, for someone who would want the size to be LARGER (for one reason or another)... lol

But for the personal use .. LESS size (wthout audio quality compromise) is surely BETTER :wink: