Why my new tags not being saved?


I just downloaded "Lost Music - 5 Season" from here:
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As usual, whoever put this music collection together did a fairly bad job with the metadata (bad genres, stupid comments, etc), and so I want to clean stuff up. I was able to successfully do this with all of the mp3 files except for this one: "08 - Albert Hammond - It Never Rains In Southern California.mp3".

Whenever I change any tags (e.g. try to take "Albert Hammond" off of the title tag and put it onto the Artist tag), and then try to save the new info (either by clicking on the floppy disk icon or ctrl-s) the information reverts back to its original form and is not saved at all!

Whats happening? I have never seen this before with mp3tag in general, nor with this version (am using the latest, 2.43), nor with any other songs on this download.

Could this mp3 file be corrupt somehow? It seems to play just fine...

I ended up finding the answer to this problem from someone else (thanks, Florian!).

There were two problems.

First, the file had two different sets of ID3v2 tags for the metadata.

Second, I must have misconfigured my version of mp3tag, because it was not initially setup to remove bad ID3v2 tags.

So, here are the steps that I took to solve my problem:

  1. make sure that ID3v2 is checked under 'Options > Tags > Mpeg > Remove'

  2. select the file row, and then press Ctrl+R twice to remove all (including the duplicate) ID3v2 tags