Why should I use you?

I have a pretty good sized (40,000 track) library. I'm using Mediamonkey and my tags are pretty consistent and well maintained.

I'm just curious; why should I use mp3tag if MM does the same thing? Or does it and am I missing out?

Am I wrong? Are all my tags incomplete? Am I depriving myself of the most satisfying experience in audio geekery?

Help me understand.

If you don't miss anything there is no need to do/use anything different.
Media Monkey is fine. Does things different than Mp3tag, but you can archive the same results, I guess. Just try Mp3tag if it fits your workflow better.

Why are you asking? You seem to know all possible answers. Or do I miss the point of letting others know you don't need them?
Why do you use MediaMonkey if Mp3tag does the same thing?

Thanks for the reply. I was just curious about mp3tag as I see it mentioned all over the place and was wondering if it really had some added functionality or something.

It doesn't seem to, so I will probably just continue with the way I've been doing things.

I was mainly wondering if it did a 'better' job of tagging files with artwork as I have major issues with my portable (sansa fuze+) but EVERYbody seems to have problems with displaying artwork on that thing so whatever.

Thanks again.

I do the same...

I need to master MediaMonkeys scripting to leave Mp3Tag (but that wont happen anytime soon, i already donnated €15 to MP3Tag and plan to donate sometime soon again)

but I always love looking at my files to see what other uselss junk fields are filled in (especially if the correct information is written to the wrong field ( such as people who put the producers of a song into the "Comment" field.. i love the comment field to be blank for myself!)

LOVE MediaMonkey :slight_smile: Hate eyeTunes.....