Why should Mp3tagError.log be locked?

I have installed Mp3tag as portable and I store it in OneDrive so I can have it on all computers I use.

Whenever I have Mp3tag open, OneDrive will change status to show that there are changes and stays that way until I close Mp3tag. The reason is that Mp3tagError.log is being locked by Mp3tag.

I just wonder if this log file could stay unlocked. I realize that it could be an issue if Mp3tag cannot access the file because of permissions or if another application locked the file, but that could be solved with an error message to the user if that should happen, similar to this message:

Error Message

It would seem someone asked about preventing this file from being created in this topic:

Some questions about settings

That could be another way to avoid OneDrive status from staying unsynced while Mp3tag is open, but I also see the value of a log file or perhaps using the Event Log instead.