Why was "Shorten filenames to 64 characters" removed?

'Altobere', please explain how the action "Shorten filenames to 64 characters" did work for you in earlier versions of Mp3tag than today.
For what purpose did you apply this action?
Can you give an example input string and the result string by this action?

What did you try?
What should be a positive result?

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42 character field length instead of 64


What did you try?
What should be a positive result?

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

A positive result should make the same work than eliminated (old) function...

But... Finally (sorry for my ignorance) I can obtain positive results!!! :smiley:

The error (I think) was in explanation about work over "Replace with regular expression", using this function, with "script line" explained, I never can obtain positives results, but I begin to make tests, and finally obtain the result positive.

Instead of "Replace with regular expression" I change this for "Format Value"
and in "Format Value" yes, I apply the "script line" (Please, look picture).
And I can obtain the wanted (for me) results.



P.D.: My version of Mp3tag is 2.49 obviously, but I don't know like update "number version" in my profile.