wikipedia + other sources ..?


hi there,

just wondered if there might be someone on the forum here, keen to put together some new sources - such as wikipedia, which seems to increasingly prove successful when i'm searching for info/covers on artists (especially as i am so often getting the "error connecting" message when trying to check AMG etc) ..?

ps also noticed someone else asking after rateyourmusic - another good idea! :wink:

cheers ..



still hoping to see a reply on this topic - any takers in 2007 ..?

cheers .. :wink:


Despite the fact that I've never done a web source, I thought about doing this for a bit. The problem with it is that there's no universal method for creating an album article on Wikipedia. They all look about the same, but when it comes down to the web sources, they have to be pretty much identical in format.

If someone could tell me I'm wrong, and use an extremely fancy set of If statements to encompass the majority of the album articles on Wikipedia, I'd definitely be very humbled and grateful.


know what you mean about not being straight forward - so, good luck and keep us posted! :slight_smile: