wildcard to use on import cover from file like *.jpg

what would i use to say any jpg file for cover art import?

i would expect *.jpg but it wont work.

And which one should Mp3tag choose if there are multiples *.jpg available?

i only have 1 per folder and 95% of them pick up fine and embed but there are some that dont conform to %artist% - %album%.jpg

i could rename all my pics to cover.jpg but there has to be an easier way

somebody please help, im desperate here

Sorry, but there is no easier way at the moment.

Kind regards,

thanks now at at least know its not possible

ill just bite the bullet and leave that 5% that arent named exactly %artist% - %album%.jpg alone

I have a similar problem.
On multi-disc albums, I have MP3TAG add " (Disc #)" to the appropriate CDs making for exaple "Mozart Classics (Disc 1)" for the first CD and "Mozart Classics (Disc 2)" and "Mozart Classics (Disc 3)" for 2nd and 3rd.
The folder contains files like "Mozart Classics - Front.jpg" and "Mozart Classics - Back.jpg".
When I run import cover from file with "%album% - Front.jpg", the multiple disc files do not get the cover art imported.

I know I could either remove the " (Disc #)" annotation of make extra jpg files with the names accordingly, but it would then be just as big a hassle as individually importing the cover art per album...

Any suggestions?

Well you can use for example
$regexp(%album%,\s+(Disc\s+\d+)$,) - Front.jpg

So I had a lot of those AlbumArt_{}_Large.jpg types of files in my folders and I wanted to use those, so I worked around the wildcard issue by renaming all of the files first. It's easy in windows. Go to the parent directory and do a search in windows explorer. For example, my search was for "AlbumArtLarge.jpg".

Note: Make sure you use the advance search options and include system files (need to have your folder settings to be able to view system files of course).

My search returned all the files I wanted to import using mp3tag, but obviously they all have unique names. To fix this, select all (CTRL-A). Then hit F2 and the name of the first file will be selected and editable. Rename it to something temporary like newcover.jpg. It will then rename all of the selected files to newcover.jpg in their respective directories. Then you can use mp3tag to import the files since they all have the same name.

Also note that this is a one-way type of deal. You can't get the original file names back after you're done. In my case, I wanted to get rid of all the jpgs after they were embedded into the mp3s so it worked for me.

Since version 2.49 Mp3tag supports the wildcards * and ? on cover import.