Will MP3 Tag fix my life?

Hey team,

Sorry for the newby question but I just need some help understanding if the software will help me fix some issues.

I store all my music on a Mac mini and recently bought a music steaming device (Wiim pro plus) and installed MinimServer to push the music file to the server.

My music files are stored on the Mac in the usual folder setup but I’ve noticed that some metadata in the music files is incorrect.

My question is would mp3 Tag software enable to fix some of these errors and save the changes back to the music folder on the Mac?

I hoping if I can do that then the minimserver software will push the correct info to my media played and I won’t be pulling my hair out looking at the wrong metadata

Yes, Mp3tag can work with the files in the Music folder on your Mac. However, you would be the one to fix those errors, Mp3tag doesn't do this automatically.

You can give it a try and see if it's something that helps in your setup.

Thanks Florian,

Is there a beginner guide (or more appropriately idiots guide) to using the software?

I am a bit confused about how to edit tags via the software, save them back to the music folder and force itunes to see the new info?


You can start here, and work through some of the basics with some trial and error. Just make sure you back up your files before you begin.

Once you have made your changes you can tell iTunes to get those updates. See here for more