Will MP3TAG Run on the New M1 Chip?

Hello! PERFECT TIMING! After 30 years on DOS and Windows machines I am transitioning to a MacBook Air with the new M1 chip. I have been using MP3TAG on Windows 10 for about 4 years.

Thank you Florian for reading my mind!

Now, not sure if this question makes any sense, but, will the MacOS version run okay on my laptop with the M1 chip? I have seen where some Apple Apps have not been updated to run on the M1.

Thank you or everything! Jim in Maine, USA

Hello Jim and welcome!

Yes, Mp3tag for Mac works on Apple Silicon from day one :slight_smile:

I've bought a DTK last summer (Apple's secret device for the transition to their new chip platform) and made sure it works also on the M1.

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