Will not install

I have tried installing version 253 a few times and it will not work for me. Each time, including the first, I have received the message "Could not write file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe'! Please close all running instances of Mp3tag and try again." I do not have this program installed on my computer and I have restarted my computer and tried the installation process as soon as it started up and I still got this message.

Any suggestions?

Right click on the exe file and choose "Run as admin"

I had the same problem as mentioned before.
I had tried everything like importing the certificat etc.
Running as admin did the trick. It installed.



Alternatively, you install it with the user id that is supposed to run the program. By that, you get the correct admission rights for the program folder.
Yet, another alternative: you could modify the access rights of the program folder so that every user can run the program and not just the owner.