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Not all written tags on Win Mp3tag, MAC XLD decoder understands!
XLD does not understand at all Mp3tag written. Why?
As well as the XLD program has difficulty with the disknumber of (total) disks X / Y understanding.
Please watch the video.
Is it possible to record the discnumber of disks, so that the XLD understand all (all lossless) audio file types?

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Win XP 3 SP

Please check what kind of tag versions this player understands.
E.g. only V1 instead of V2.3.
Or do you accidentally also use APE tags? (press Alt-T for the extended tags dialogue on one of the files and have a look at the window title of the dialogue. There it tells you the tag versions that can be found in that file.
Mp3tag v2.53 options were as follows:

That was a thorough check!

From your table I take it that you write V2.4 tags with MP3tag. and the other programs only use V2.3 tags.
So have a look at Tools>Options>Mpeg and set "write" to V2.3 UTF-16.
(and I would untick read and write for APE, leave delete for APE ticked)

  1. Thank You very much! It works.

  2. XLD developers answered for flac, ape and wv:

mp3tag writes X/Y style tag to DISCNUMBER filed, but this is not a standard for vorbiscomment. Y value should be written to DISCTOTAL or TOTALDISCS field.

mp3tag writes discnumber tag to DISCNUMBER filed, but this is not a standard for ape tag. The disc number tag should be written to DISC field.

Could You write in your software this DISCTOTAL or TOTALDISCS, ... field?

If you frequently need these two fields you could create a user-defined field of that name.
(open the extended tags dialogue with Alt-T for a first try).
The you could create user-defined fields in the columns and/or the tag panel if you want to enter these values frequently.


  1. ape and wv tags written the Disc Number or any form Totaldiscs does not understand
  2. flac does not understand the X / Y written, but understands Y Totaldiscs entry field.
  3. alac automatically splits the X / Y as they should, even if there is no field Totaldiscs.
  4. mp3 understands the X / Y, but Y does not understand entry Totaldiscs field.