Win10 computer app that displays ID3 Lyrics

Does anyone know some application that may display the lyrics I took time to get into each ID3 tags on my computer screen. I'd like to make some kind of Karaoke with my friends and have a music player display the lyrics in full screen while the songs play. Kind of like the lyrics plugin from WMP, but with my carefully tagged ID3 instead of trying to fetch lyrics on Internet...

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There are 2 different lyrics tags.

SYLT = synchronized lyrics transcription
USLT = unsynchronized lyrics transcription

MP3Tag only supports the unsyncedlyrics-tag. (%unsyncedlyrics%)
Synchronised Lyrics Tag (id3v2.3 SYLT)

For Karaoke you need the SYLT-tag.

Do you really mean an APP or just a piece of software?
Minilyrics is well know for SYLT.

You need to prepare lyrics-texts for the SYLT-tag because you certainly want to have the displayed lyrics synced to your song.

Hello poster, I've been adding unsynched lyrics to hundreds of songs. I'd love to be able to add synched lyrics to a couple songs, but honestly, that seems like a lot of work. If you know good and free programs to do that' I'd love to give-it a try. I'll give a try to Minilyrics, since that seems to make me able to do just that.

However, I've been looking for something a little less complex. So as I said earlier, I have hundred of songs properly tagged, with "unsynchedlyrics". With both my tablet and my cellphone, whenever I play the songs, these tagged tunes display the lyrics. However, whenever I play these songs on my computer, I can't get these same lyrics to display as the song play, just like on my cellphone.

So what I'd do is have the song play with a program/app/software that allows me to have the unsynchedlyrics be displayed on my computer screen. Does that exist?

The Windows Media Player shows lyrics in the "Currently played" view.
Provided, you have set "Replay>Song texts and subtitles>On (if available)".
Also, the language token of the lyrics has to match the OS language or you have defined a different standard.
Alternatively, you can set the language token to xxx (literally) so that there is no specific language.
You would have to do that with MP3tag.

Do the lryrics just show up or are they displayed synched to the singer/music which is necessary to use for Karaoke or just to follow the text while the artist is singing.
If the leyrics ahow up really synched I don't think that your embedded lyrics are displayed. That could be some lyrics your player gets online from the internet.

Hello, ohrenkino, I've tried what you said. I have a french canadian version. I have a lyrics plugin that got the lyrics off the net. Deactivating both it and minilyrics, I got nothing for 3 Doors Down, a song which I know contains unsynched lyrics, since I did tag-it. This: "Replay>Song texts and subtitles>On (if available)" is set correctly. Tried setting language to "xxx" changed nothing.

Nope, these aren't lyrics from online. Let's say I extract a song from one of my cd and put-it on my cellphone, it is tagged wrong and shows up with no cd cover picture and no lyrics. Once I manually enter both information, I get to see them in my cellphone. The lyrics just show-up, with no synch.

I can scroll down to read-em, but my cell screen is small and I can't see myself having a karaoke while reading on my cell screen. Also, my tablet's display is even smaller than my cellphone's, for some reason. So I'd like to be able to just use the unsynchedlyrics I manually entered. Reason is some of these songs are far from being pop and their lyrics won't auto display with regular "fetch on the internet" type of plugin.

It should work.
WMP has to update its entries in the database. You probably cannot see the changes immediately.
Or you force WMP to update:
Delete the tracks that you updated from the database only.
Select File>Options>Restore deleted items
Now you should see the lyrics in the View>Current replay right beneath the current design.

(I just added "Hi there" as lyrics in the format xxx||Hi there to the track)

You did not really tell where you changed the lyrics to xxx. You would have to do that in the audio file.

Okay, I noticed when adding lyrics to the unsynchedlyric field it would add "eng|". But I tought you meant setting the "Language" field to "xxx". Will try what you just said ASAP :wink: TY for the clarification.

You can set the default language for tag fiels in

The dropdown list probably suggests "eng" but you can simply type in "xxx".
This language token will then be used for COMMENT and UNSYNCEDLYRICS.

Being able to set windows media player to english would probably be better, though, no? I feel like that would save me from changing all I've tagged so far to "xxx".

This could very well be the case.
You probably have change the "Standard..." in WMP.

I've been over the settings of wmp. Didn't find anything about changing settings. Damn microsoft... Anyone has an idea as to how one would do that?

WMP should have a menu called "Replay". If it has not, start to play a random track.
Check the menu for "Lyrics and subtitles".
In this menu you can set the standard language to be used by WMP for this information.

Here is a link to a microsoft help page (in German but it should be possible to get a local page):