Win10 tags not showing in Win7

I tagged all my FLAC files in Win10, but they don’t show up on my Win7 PC when I plug in my external hard drive.

The only tags it shows in Win7 are the downloaded FLAC files that already had tag data.

This is within the mp3tag program itself. (But also other programs and explorer).

Any ideas?

Was hoping to setup up Win7 as a media centre but don’t want to rename everything all over again.

AFAIK windows 7 explorer and WMP do not support FLAC tags.
It could be that if you enter them in WMP that they are stored in the WMP database.

Native support for FLAC in Windows was only added in Win10. There is a WMP plugin called WMP Tag Plus that you can use that adds this support in older versions, and worked well for me.

I’m not using WMP.
I use VLC, and Winamp at the moment.

All the manual changes I made to FLAC tags using mp3tag in Win10 no longer register in Win7.

eg File1 on external HD using Win7 PC:
Artist: abc
Track: 123

Use Win10 PC mp3tag to edit File1 tag:
Artist: abc
Track: 123
Year: 2017

Open File1 on Win7 PC using mp3tag/VLC/winamp:
Artist: [none]
Track: [none]
Year: [none]

Files haven’t been copied as they are stored on external HD - the only thing I did was edit tags on Win10, and now Win7 no longer recognises any tag data. The only tags that now show up in Win7 are ones that haven’t been edited using mp3tag in Win10.

Could you check if you use the same settings in respect to which tags you read and write?
See Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg for that
I suspect that you write APE tags in W7 but don't read them in W10.
The settings should be the same for both installations.

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