Win7 Tagging Problems

Hey guys
I have issues renaming songs correctly. The songs I got are named after the title number and song title, as it seems. if I change the attributes to %artist% - %Track% it still shows me the title number and track, as it's named. here a picture:
if I rightclick the songs and go to the properties, it shows me as the interpret the band name. but, e.g. in MediaMonkey, my music program, it shows me the titlenumbers as interprets. so, I suppose that's the reason why MP3Tag shows me the title numbers all the time. is there any possibility of fixing it? here a screen of the song's properties (im german, that's why everything is in german)
I have this problem with all my songs for some reason (at least the new ones). hope you can help me


If you want to rename the file name you must use "Konverter > Tag - Dateiname", not "Dateiname - Tag"

Why don't you write in the german forum section then?